from the street into school

Sin Soluka Ecuador is a non-profit organisation in Quito, Ecuador. It cares for street children and adolescents as well as children from deprived backgrounds, all of whom have practically no chance of an education. Through the organisation the children and adolescents are given the chance to attend school, and the aim is for them to get a school leaving certificate. In the long run, being able to go to school should make a valuable contribution towards the children and adolescents being able to live an independent life away from the streets. The aim of Sin Soluka Switzerland is to provide financial support for Sin Soluka Ecuador.

At least 99% of the money donated to Sin Soluka Switzerland flows directly into the project in Ecuador.

Aggravated Circumstances during the Corona crisis

summer & Autumn 2022

Schools are open again. However, the financial situation of the families is still very difficult. Sin Soluka is committed to supporting them and working to ensure that the children can cope with everyday school life on site and concentrate on learning.


Autumn 2021 & Spring 2022

The schools will remain closed also for the next school year. Hence, this the reason why it is important to expand the computer and online infrastructure of Sin Soluka even further and also to continue the provision of the very needed food packages. 

We hope that we can continue to count on your support, be it as a member, with an individual donation or by telling your friends about us and pointing us to foundations and other potential supporters. Many thanks and best wishes.



Currently the project site is kept open and it is really important  to the children to have a place where they can go to, especially in those difficult and constricting times.

The living conditions of many families remain precarious and the food parcel distributions by the project team since the beginning of the Corona period were very relieving for the beneficiairies. In addition to the daily lunch meals at the project site, an additional smaller meal in the morning is prepared for the children whenver possible.

The children come to the project site to do their online homework either on one of the twelve computers in rotation or on mobile phones. The project staff are very committed and in many cases they are the main contact persons for the children's teachers.


If it is possible for you to support Sin Soluka financially, we would be very grateful!

We are currently looking for donations to provide the following:

-       An internet-data-plan for all the children, in order for them to participate in online classes

-       More computers for the project centre to be used by the families with no devices at home

-       Parcels with urgently needed food and hygiene products for the families with no current income


Autumn 2020

The financial situation of Sin Soluka’s families continues to be very challenging; many have lost their jobs and have no current income. The team onsite continues to deliver monthly parcels with the most needed food and hygiene products.

Since the complete lockdown measures have been lifted, the project can once again provide lunch at the project centre, of course under strict adherence to the hygiene and safety measures.

Schools are still closed, and classes are all taking place online. Thanks to generous donations, the project has managed to repair several computers, which are now available for the children to do their homework. However, there is still a long way to go until we can guarantee the infrastructure needed for all the 280 children to follow their online classes.


Spring 2020

The schools and the project operation have been closed. The current lock-down restrictions have drastic consequences for the Sin Soluka beneficiaries.

Most of the parents have lost their jobs (as domestic helpers, laundresses, street vendors, etc.). That means:  no  income. The families are lacking the most necessary goods such as food and hygiene products.

Therefore the team on-site has decided to deliver parcels with the most necessary goods to the families concerned. The board of Sin Soluka Switzerland has decided to immediately transfer an extraordinary amount of $ 4000 in order to support this necessary activity.


All our events take place in Switzerland.

For more information please consult the German version of this website.