Sin Soluka Switzerland, founded in 2008, is a charitable organisation with headquarters in Aesch, Luzern. The founders and most members of the committee have all worked as volunteers in the project in Ecuador. The committee works completely on a voluntary basis and attaches great importance to keeping administrative costs as low as possible. The organisation is financed by membership fees and donations and at least 99% of this money flows directly into the project in Ecuador.

Every month, the organisation transfers 4000$ to the project and in summer pays for the additional school costs. It works in close cooperation with Sin Soluka Ecuador and each month receives a list of all their takings and expenses as well as a copy of their bank statement. This ensures complete transparency. In addition, the project is visited regularly by members of the committee and the project leader, Mario Piedra, keeps the Swiss group up to date with any developments in the project in Ecuador.


President: Laura Affolter, Social Anthropologist

- Fundraising

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 What I like is that in Sin Soluka self-determination on different levels plays an important role.



Selina Schmid, Childcare specialist and trainee social worker

- Events

- Coordination college students


I am involved in Sin Soluka because I can make a contribution towards children and young people from deprived backgrounds having the chance to shape their own lives in the long-term. I find it positive that, apart from the emphasis on education, the project focuses on how the children, adolescents and their families can be supported.



Diego Andenmatten, Social worker

- Communication Ecuador

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 I'm convinced by the bottom-up approach and I hope to contribute a small part.


Sandra Gago, Social worker

- Fundraising


  I work voluntarily for Sin Soluka because I am convinced that education helps fight poverty.


Beata Affolter, Music teacher

- Finances


I am personally committed to Sin Soluka because  at least 99% of all donations go directly to the project in Quito, where they are used for the children's education, their healthcare and the daily meals they receive.


Dario Wüthrich, Trainee social worker 

- Coordination college students


I am involved in Sin Soluka because the needs of the young people is the main focus of the daily work and they use resource-oriented working methods. This deliberate decision enables long-term and sustainable support for the children and adolescents.



Sarah Stäger, Primary school teacher

- Membership and donations administrator


 I am involved in Sin Soluka because at least 99% of the financial support goes directly to the project and locally has a great influence on the children’s and families’ quality of life.

Philippe Gerber, Landscape gardener and social pedagogue

- Material administration


The first time I worked with the project was in 2009 and every time I have returned to Ecuador since then, I have helped out. But since, for a long time due to my studies I haven't been able to return, this way I can at least contribute to the project by dedicating myself to Sin Soluka Switzerland.


Mirjam Schwitter, graduate in International Relations

- Communication


 Sin Soluka, started in the local community to deal with the issue of street children, makes a direct and positive difference in the lives of these children and their families.


Former members of Sin Soluka Switzerland:

  • Lena Windler
  • Virginia Trösch
  • Herta Alexander
  • Andrea Lüthy